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Workers compensation is form of protection for employees of any business if and when the employees suffer injuries or damages to their persons of any kind and/or if and when the employees require special attention. All businesses in Texas, as long as they have even one employee, are required to carry workers compensation insurance and for this reason and others it’s important that businesses have it. Workers compensation keeps employees secure and it keeps owners secure, and all around this type of insurance is must for any commercial enterprise.

At Texas Risk Solutions we have a comprehensive workers compensation program that we adapt to the needs of individual businesses. We’ll adapt this program to your operation and provide you with a policy that fully protects for the right price. Contact an agent and/or request a quote to get started, or read on to learn more.

Workers Compensation tailored to your Business

Workers compensation is not a unilateral solution, which means that from business to business, this type of insurance is different. In fact, it should be completely customized to each individual enterprise. At Texas Risk Solutions we tailor every workers compensation policy and/or package we write to the needs of individual businesses, and this is essential. We’ll assess your needs in great depth, get to know your business, and identify coverages that ensure that your business has the insurance that it needs.

Workers compensation often covers injuries, medications, and treatments that workers require. There are specific stipulations for when and how workers receive medications and treatments and what benefits workers receive in general. We’ll go over all of these with you and ensure that you’re well aware of what your insurance provides. 


The coverages from which you can choose include:

  • Coverage for employees working in other states beyond your normal range of operations
  • Coverage for certain types of injuries and illnesses for which Texas may or may not mandate coverage
  • Coverage to support the dependents of any employees who suffer fatal on-the-job injuries, as well as coverages for funeral costs
  • Percentages of reimbursement for lost wages
  • Various liability limits

One of the most important things when considering workers compensation insurance is whether or not the coverages your policy provides match your payroll. If coverages match payroll then you have a good chance of being covered; if not, then you could face unnecessary out-of-pocket costs. At Texas Risk Solutions we will make sure that the match between your coverages and payroll is exact. We will also examine the potential for giving you dividends that put money in your pocket. As an independent insurer we work with a number of different carriers, and as a result we can ‘shop’ these carriers to give you the best coverage and policy options, which include a healthcare network program that allows workers to return to work as soon as possible. 

Working with Texas Risk Solutions

We’ve been insuring businesses for workers compensation for years, and we know how to create a completely-protective and affordable solution. We help you understand all of your options and then help you select the options that fit best. For example, if you think you might need occupational accident insurance instead of workers compensation, we can tell you that workers compensation protects you in a much greater fashion than occupational accident. Also, we can tell you if you’re wondering whether or not health insurance covers enough in order for you to not have workers compensation, that the two types of insurance are completely different and that each type does not protect in the same ways that the other does. Both types of insurance are important and you need both.

Additionally, we manage risk and claims which means that we proactively help you find ways to reduce costs associated with risk. We help you develop and implement safety measures for your workers and we help you develop and implement education procedures for getting your employees acquainted with best practices that can keep the employees safe. If and when claims are filed, we support you throughout resolution processes and ensure that you not only get paid by insurance companies but that you get resolutions that are as suitable as possible. 

We provide ongoing education for you, which means that if and when trends in insurance and/or your industry change, we know about the changes and we help you understand how these changes affect your policy and/or package. We also stay current on markets, and we inform you of what we find out. This way, you know what to expect from your coverage and from a claim, if and when a claim is filed. 

We’re fully available and can be reached whenever and however you need us. Via text, email, phone, and/or one-on-one interactions, we’re available.

Please contact us or give us a call to learn more or to get started. If you’re ready to begin on a policy, feel free to request a quote.

Texas Risk Solutions is proud to provide workers compensation insurance in San Antonino, Austin, Dallas, Boerne, New Braunfels, and Houston, TX. We also serve other areas in the state.'


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